Time! Time! Time! – HackerEarth StackExchange and git

Another week just passed by and I am still standing on the crossroads unable to make a firm plan on how to start my programming journey. A lot happened this week. It all started with that email from a 9th grader who apparently wants to learn app development from me after going through some of my apps in Opera Store. It feels good when you see students at this age wants to learn something. I was into Shin Chan back then.


Anyway then I came across HackerEarth. It is an amazing platform for buddy developers to sign up for the dream jobs . Now talking about StackExchange I signed up for StackExchange and also came up with a plan.


Today is 15th March. And this is the Timeline I am going to follow-

15-20- Learn Python the Hard Way.

20-25- C#Jump Start

25-30- Windows Phone Development

With this I might have to work on the MEC referral trick I am working on to generate enough referrals for an X-Box one hopefully that will work now. But right now it seems all gloomy.

Instead of one big post I will be writing these small daily posts(like a diary post). And also for some big projects a sub domain will be made.

That’s all.

House Of Cards Season 3 and futile attempt on C#’s front

Its been a while since my last post. I won’t say I was busy in literal sense.

Yes House of Cards came up with Season 3 and I finally watched all its episodes. And trust me like other fans I too don’t want to wait for another year to see What happens next as Claire has left President Underwood while he is campaigning for his next term. Anyway that is not what brought you here or is it? But ya  I did start this lets talk more about it. Okay so few spoilers ahead. Frank Underwood wants to be more than just a placeholder after replacing Walker in Season 2. While Claire lands up at UN as US ambassador. And then we saw Petrow(I hope I spelled it correctly) or as Frank address him VIKTOR. So first few episodes are about introduction of American Works followed by peacekeeping mission at Jordan Valley. At the same time Dunbar (that Solicitor General who was investigating Walker’s administration in Season 2) starts her own campaign running for President though she ends up losing from IOWA state.

And there is alot more…infact I covered only a tiny bit of what the Season 3 is all about. As you are entiteled to nothing(In FU’s own words) and I don’t want to receive any lewd remarks as to why I put so many spoilers in one post.


Now moving on to work and stuff…there is no progress on that front. It is so damn difficult to start. I did complete first 100 pages of Head First C# but failed to run that game Save The Humans successfully. And now I am feeling kind of stupid as all the work was in vain,but I did learn some new things in Visual Studio.

You know everyone as a different opinion on How one Should learn to code.

Check this question on Quora.

How do I learn to code?

Anyway moving on I watched a video a Ted Ex video on Data Analytic’s and use of Big Data. I can’t recall who was the speaker but that guy took all the data from NYPD database related to road accidents and circled the parts on New York’s map which are prone to more accidents. Also he did the same with water quality in different areas.

I do feel in a way Data Analytic is the next big thing .

Anyway I took part in another Virtual StockXchange competition. It is still going this one is actually a real time system And in initial days I was among TOP 8 rankers but now my rank dropped considerably.

Apart from that there is nothing new. I feel I should be more consistent with my learning agenda and with blogging and I will do the same.

The problem is I am confused if I should write about coding and the other stuff in different stuff or this is fine?

And the other problem is with the categories and coming up with a title of these posts.If you are reading this then do help me in that regard.


Okay so C# and Python it is ! & some deep thoughts at the end..

Another week is over and I am nowhere. And guess what I won’t be getting any prize in that Virtual Stock Exchange.They got to know that I manipulated the code. Actually it was easy Inspect Element did the job.

Anyway now that it is over I am looking forward to develop couple of windows phone applications and this time not just making them on App Studio. But some real apps which can have some genuine use. Windows Phone environment is still growing at an exceptional rate and with the advent of Windows 8.1,10. One can see universal apps available for all devices which is not the case with Android. And Chromebooks will take time to fully enter the market

My 103 apps on NOKIA X store have received over 400k downloads in matter of some months with 0 marketing. With that I have gathered one thing; if you want a million downloads either develop 100+ random apps or else make one app amazing enough to reach out to the audience of that size.Anyway my apps were inspired I won’t say copied. And according to me imitation leads to innovation. Anyway now that NOKIA X series didn’t see much light of the day and was just another lost cause from Nokia. The Nokia Store will be shutting down gradually thanks to Microsoft. And all the Developers were notified to initiate the migrate months back And I completed my migration days back. And my apps are on Opera Store now.I think they have carrier billing so I can expect some revenue out of those apps..Though they are just dummy apps.

Anyway I am all set to start my journey of C# today. Bob Tabor is amazing. You can catch his tutorials on LearnVisualStudio.net,MVA and Channel9. The thing I like about him is that while in his tutorial it feels like he is live in front in you which is not the case with the other tutorials on MVA. Mostly they have 2 tutors in most tutorials which I don’t know. It makes it all boring still ofcourse everyone have their own way.

I will drop the link if you want soon.

You know it is still so damn hard to start with anything..and then I hate it when I see so much time passing by. I am now 20.And you know even if one hits a century by living 100 years ie is  just 36,524 days. Just 36,000 days and I have already spent over 7500 days now and what do I amount to. Nothing. Have I lived the way I wanted to? This is so hard to gulp.Like right now I am sitting in the veranda with my headphone on listening to Beethoven’s Symphony 6. And I seriously want everything to pause.Yes everything including time. So I can do whatever I desire to do fly a plane over pacific. learn to surf & ski, Spend a month in Atlantic, Explore the Amazon. Its just so much I want to do in so much limited time and I end up wasting it. Doing What? Watching movies,sitcoms,sleeping and beating it off(Ya don’t ask me what it means.) Even college life is kind of shaky. It makes no sense sitting for 8-10 hours daily listening to things that you know are not important and wont  end up helping you later in life.

Anyway that’s me.Leaving you with yet another post. I will be completing a C# for absolute beginners course on MVA today itself.


I am so damn lazy….(Main Aisa Kyun hun?)

Okay So its been a while since my last post right? And I did mention that I will post daily but my progress so far is next to nothing. Why you ask? Well my college started and I hate it like anything. The 75% attendance clause is imposed on us. I just hate these type of rules and regulations that are imposed by most colleges. For that matter I think there shouldn’t be any colleges. But learning centers where courses are offered regularly and one can go and enroll themselves in whichever course they feel like attending. Infact my college is more like a school. We have 8 lectures daily each lasting 50 minutes;We have to maintain notes too,otherwise we won’t be given any attendance. Plus there is a uniform too..We are pursuing to be engineers for God’s sake who gives a damn on what we wear?


Apart from that I took part in Virtual Stock Exchange competition organised by E-cell of DTU and I won. The overall experience was great. I did tricked the game. How? There were many loopholes which I can’t disclose now as I am yet to receive the Prize. So if you are interested then wait till 14th Feb. Yes the Valentine’s Day ;P

screenshot-play.ecelldtu.com 2015-02-10 21-05-45

Now C#

I started with it. But had to leave it in between. Lectures are damn boring. I find them boring. So downloaded Head first with C#. Will complete certain topics daily.Meanwhile I will also dive into Python as I planned earlier. For Python I will refer Learn Python the Hard Way. And yes for Python I will for this coursera course.

Python For Everyone.

What I watched this week?

Started with Elementary the modern day Sherlock Holmes of New York City and completed all 3 seasons till episode 13(the current one) of Elementary.I find it better than Sherlock though both have somewhat different storyline. Sherlock makes us wait for almost a year or two which never got me eager. Even Marvel makes a full fledged Superhero movie every year or so.

And I am following the usual Castle, The Big Bang Theory, Two and the Half Men, Person of Interest and Suits returned two weeks back. Apart from that Better Call Saul. Yes! The lawyer from Breaking Bad comes with a very own TV Series. The two part pilot episodes started yesterday.  And I am yet to watch them.

By the way I often wonder why most of the detective based TV series are based  in New York ? Is it a crime capital or something? And the way they depict the serial murderers and their acts puts me in a deeper thought. I will be putting this question on Quora.

I also watched The Shawshank Redemption finally; What should I say about it? Amazing it is.We watch many movies in our lifetime and this surely is one of the best movies I have watched .And that is the main reason on Why it ranks 1 on the Top 250 movies on imdb. Being said thatThe ShawShank Redemption Poster I just love the way they have shown 20 years of Prison life in just two hours. It is magical.Watch it of you haven’t.

I actually love period films. And yes it released in 1994 too.. ;=D


Do watch some GO Pro Videos on Youtube. You’ll love them.

That’s all for now.

Agenda for this week.

  • Finish Learn Python the hard way.
  • Start with C#
  • Find ways to pass time effectively in lectures. Will start with solving some Apti Questions for a change.
  • 4-Day weekend is coming up! Yay!!
screenshot-www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com 2015-02-01 16-22-34

Hello World!

“Hello World” is basically from where every coder starts. Almost every single tutorial starts with the Print”Hello World” program. Hence the name.

Today I finally start with my coding journey. Its 1st of February and Microsoft Virtual Academy has started with Know it Prove it contest. There are 8 platforms to learn & each platform has certain courses that one has to cover under each platform.

screenshot-www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com 2015-02-01 16-22-34

I have planned to start with Mobile Development for obvious reasons and then moving on to Web. I have some knowledge and I feel one can nail the Windows Platform while its growing and with advent of Windows 10 in coming months. It will open up endless opportunities.

screenshot-www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com 2015-02-01 16-20-16

Each platform has around 30 Hours of course material. So I am planning to get over with one platform in 2 weeks. Apart from this I have signed into two other courses on Coursera. But I might have to drop out of those courses. One is on R Programming and the second one is on Python.

Why R programming? I somehow have this inclination to Data Analytics. The course will last a month and each week I might have to devote 10 hours to it.

Why Python? It is dynamic,object-oriented and easy to implement and understand. Then Why not? I will be learning C# too…so I will probably sign out of Python. I have taken it earlier but left it inbetween.

Okay So wish me luck..I will be blogging about my progress on  daily as well as a compilation report weekly. And about other things too..

Also it took me time to come up with this name Codel which expands to Code-Learn and this blog is powered by WordPress. It took me time to find a proper theme to go with it.And I still don’t like it. I will change it soon and suggestions are welcome.